"Our mission is to explore the study, conservation, history, and science of seashells, mollusks, and other marine life.  We assist with and encourage shell-related interests of collecting, exhibiting, and crafting with shells."

Jersey Cape Shell Club “Crafty Ladies and Gentlemen”, members and friends make wonderful items from shells to be sold at the Shell Show in August.  Crafts provide several benefits to the club by learning and having fun making all kinds of decorative items from seashells. The sale of these items greatly helps provide the club with funds needed for the Shell Show, rent and educational speakers at monthly meetings.
Examples of shell craft items include: animals, birds, cats, dachshunds, snowmen, turtles, bears, ducks, penguins, pigs, harp seal, lion, rabbits, sharks, whales, dinosaurs,  frogs all made from shells.  Lovely shell jewelry, wreaths, jars filled with shells, and shell flower arrangements are also made and sold or raffled at the show.

Crafting is done in members’ homes during the year in preparation for the August Shell Show.

Jersey Cape Shell Club
P.O. Box 2267
Cape May, NJ 08204-2267


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